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The Journey -
Read the story of one man who challenged his long-held preconceptions about life, purpose, and meaning. What is his conclusion?

Ancient Israel
Mentioned more than 50 times in the Bible, Jericho was the initial entry point into the "Promised Land" for the Israelites.

Ancient Mesopotamia
Archaeology has shed light on the great military civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia and their ultimate impact on law and culture.

Anthropic Principle Video
What does the fine-tuning inherent in our universe say about the Big Bang, Origin of Life, and other theories? Stream this short video clip now!

Basics of Archaeology Video
Stream this short video clip now. What are the basics of biblical archaeology? Is archaeology just treasure hunting or compelling evidence for truth?

Bible Contradictions
I tested them myself. I was able to logically explain every alleged inconsistency of any real significance on my list.

Bible Manuscripts
Biblical manuscript evidence far surpasses the manuscript reliability of other ancient writings that we trust as authentic every day.

Bible Manuscripts Video
How do you tell how old a manuscript is? How can you date it? Josh will discuss several methods used in dating manuscripts.

Bible Prophecies Fulfilled
The prophets Hosea and Micah each predicted the destruction of Samaria, the capital city of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Bible Prophecy
These must be generalized, self-fulfilling predictions that find their fulfillment within the pages of the same book. Check for yourself!

Bible Translations
The primary differences between today's Bible translations are merely related to how translators interpret a word or sentence from the original language.

Biblical Archaeology
The Bible is a history book. Dig into the latest archaeological finds that present the biblical truth about the ancient world.

Cell Structure
The cell has revealed an "unanticipated Lilliputian world" of enormous complexity that has pushed the theory of evolution to a breaking point.

Cell Structure Video
Does design necessitates a Designer? Watch this creative video that challenges evolutionary thought.

Charles Darwin
Although true beneficial mutations have never been observed, neo-Darwinian theory is today's general conjecture regarding evolutionary change.

Charles Darwin Video
Check out this incredible video clip on the Bombardier Beetle! What is the best explanation for how its defense mechanism came into existence?

Christian Persecution
People don't die for a known lie. No conspiracy can be maintained when life or liberty is at stake.

Christian Religion/True Relationship
I'm not selling "Christian religion" here. I still believe "religion" has kept more people from God than anything else in history.

Complexity of Life Video
What does all the order and design inherent in nature mean? Is life a miracle? View this short video now!

Cornelius Tacitus
Cornelius Tacitus, the Roman historian. Read his small yet powerful piece on Pontius Pilate and Christus (Christ) now.

Cosmogony Video
What caused the Origin of Everything? What are the prevailing cosmogonies, theories, and philosophies of the day?

Creation Of Life
Urey and Miller passed mixtures of boiling water, ammonia, methane and hydrogen through elaborate "electric spark systems". Did they create life?

Critical Thinking 101
Science isn't static. Science changes over time. The observable evidence doesn't change, but the scientific understanding of that evidence does.

Critical Thinking Video
Want a little Critical Thinking 101? Here's a Wake up Call for all the passive wanderers in life. Check out this short video clip!

DNA Molecule
Organic life is based on vastly complex information code. Like today's complex software codes, such information cannot arise by chance.

DNA and Computers Video
What is the greatest scientific discovery ever? What do we know about the digital code inherent in all living things? Watch this incredible video clip now!

Empty Tomb
Empty tomb evidence! Rather than point to an occupied tomb, the Jewish leadership accused Christ's disciples of stealing his body.

Evidence For Intelligent Design
The concept and design inherent in a machine, whether simple or complex, mechanical or biological, is self-evident.

Evidence Of The Resurrection
Eyewitness accounts of the risen Jesus and subsequent martyrdom are some of the most solid and attested facts of antiquity.

Evidence for Intelligent Design Video
What brought everything into existence? Is there a purpose and plan involved? What is the origin of life?

Evidence of the Resurrection Video
The One Minute Apologist gives us proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. What are they?

Evolution And The Fossil Record
Ramapithecus was recognized as a direct ancestor of humans. It is now established that he was merely an extinct type of orangutan.

Evolution Timeline Video
What are the phases of evolution in naturalistic history? Are there interrelated stages in the evolution timeline? Check this short video out!

Evolutionary Perspective Video
Are there philosophical leaps in evolutionary science? How does evolution deal with the first organisms that arose by chance? You gotta stream this video!

Flavius Josephus
Josephus was as an advisor and historian to three Roman emperors, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. He reported on biblical events.

Fossil Record
Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms?

Frog Soup Video
What do frogs in blenders reveal about the complexity of life? Is life really a miracle? You have to check out this short video clip!

Gospel Of John
Even with historical trustworthiness, the notion of "divine inspiration" still seemed a little over the edge to me.

Gospel Of Luke
Luke was a credible historian. His account was designed to collect the evidence and present the historical "case" for Jesus.

Gospel of John Video
Who was this Logos, who became flesh and lived among us? What did the apostle John say about Jesus Christ? Stream this short video now!

Historical Jesus
Jesus has been called many things, including a great man, teacher and prophet. Who is the true Jesus of history?

Historical Jesus Video
Check out this short video answer now! Was there an historical Jesus? Can we investigate the evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

History Of The Bible
The history of the Bible begins with the Jewish Scriptures, a phenomenal account of history written over about 1,500 years.

History of the Bible Video
What validity does the Bible have? What is the history of this best-seller? Learn from Randall Niles.

History of the Rosetta Stone Video
Why are Egyptian Hieroglyphics so important to Biblical Studies? Have Egyptian artifacts impacted the integrity of the Jewish scriptures? Click to watch this short video stream now!

Human Eye
The retina cells receive light impressions, which are translated to electric pulses and sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

Human Eye Function Video
What do organic subsystems reveal about Irreducible Complexity and Intelligent Design? Why is the human eye impossible? Stream this video clip now!

Importance - Dead Sea Scrolls Video
What does this discovery mean to the integrity of the ancient scriptures? Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls so important? Stream this short video and dig deeper now!

Intelligent Design Theory
In general, specified complexity is a reliable indicator of the presence of intelligent design. Design necessitates a designer.

Introduction To The Bible
What's the best way to start understanding the Bible? Read the perennial best seller cover-to-cover like a classic novel.

Irreducible Complexity
Michael Behe, a biochemist currently teaching at Lehigh University, coined a term for describing the design phenomenon inherent in molecular machines.

Is Jesus God?
I've found that something makes Jesus more contentious and convicting than all the other religious leaders combined. What is it?

Israel Archaeology
There's a big difference between historic generalities and the specific people and events mentioned in the Bible. Check out the evidence!

Israel History
Israel history includes defeats of Samaria and Ashdod to Sargon II, king of Assyria, as recorded on his palace walls.

Jewish Tradition
Of all the ancient sources for Jesus, the least favorably biased seem to be rabbinic in origin. Here’s a sample.

Messianic Prophecies
Even when I tossed out a few of the more "basic" ones, I was still absolutely stunned by the statistical impossibility.

Since someone (or something) was out there, logic declared that my relativistic view of things had to go. Truth was out there.

Microscopic Organisms
A bacterial motor is one thousand times more efficient than an outboard motor and miniaturized by a factor containing many zeros.

Miller and Urey Video
How do we get from the sparks of life created by Miller and Urey to the miracle of complex life? Check out this short video clip now!

Miracle Of Life
The improbability involved in generating even one bacterium is so large that it reduces all considerations of time and space to nothingness.

Miracles Of Jesus
The suspension of natural laws involved in the miracles of Jesus is no different than what we witness every day.

Miracles of Jesus Video
Randall Niles uses the famous illustration of a two-dimensional world to show the power of one extra dimension.

My Worldview
My worldview was simple -- personal achievement and material success -- attorney and entrepreneur running on the gerbil wheel of life!

New Testament Archaeology
I wasn't convinced of the miraculous extent of these events, but there was nothing in the archaeological record denying their historicity.

Origin Of Life
Science and technology have revealed organic complexity and information code inherent in living systems that can not be spontaneously produced.

Origin Of The Universe
A speck of infinite density appeared from no where, for no reason, only to start expanding all of a sudden.

Origin of the Universe Video
What is the origin of the universe? What is the answer to this age-old question? Find out here.

Philosophy Of Life
Where did we get the notion that science has to exist in a naturalistic vacuum? Isn’t true science following the evidence wherever it leads?

Philosophy of Life Video
Randall Niles lobs another wake-up grenade to re-engage the Big Questions of Life. What is the meaning of life?

Pliny The Younger
Roman Governor of Bithynia around 111 AD, he wrote a revealing letter to Emperor Trajan for protocol in punishing Christians.

Power Of Prophecy
No human being has ever made predictions which hold any comparison to those we have considered, and had them accurately come true.

Problems With The Fossil Record
Where’s the evidence? Gould and the American Museum people are hard to contradict when they say there are no transitional fossils.

Prophecy About Jesus
One person fulfilling just a few dozen of the over 300 messianic prophecies is way beyond statistical impossibility. Check them out!

Punctuated Equilibrium Video
How can we use philosophical conjecture to fill the gaps in the fossil record? What theories are the scientists using? Stream this short video clip now!

Realism And Naturalism
All things - from the massive cosmos to the microscopic cell -- are the result of unguided natural processes over billions of years.

Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
The ultimate test of credibility for the eye-witnesses to Christ’s resurrection is their incredible testimony of persecution and martyrdom.

Resurrection of Jesus Christ Video
Is there proof that Jesus rose from the dead? Did the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happen? Click to stream this short video of the truth!

SETI Project Video
What impact does the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence have on Intelligent Design Theory? Has anything been discovered? Check this short video out!

Saint Luke
Luke wrote about one-quarter of the New Testament (the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts). Check it out.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Don’t I have one religious book being used to support the prophecies in another religious book? Isn’t this somewhat circular?

Spontaneous Generation
Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory still doesn't deal with the first organism that arose by chance in the so-called prebiotic soup.

Historian to Roman Emperor Hadrian, he recorded biblical events. Other sources include Mara Bar-Serapion and Lucian of Samosata.

Supernaturalism Video
Can we get a glimpse of the Omni-Natural World of Extra-Dimensionality? Is there really a realm of the metaphysical? You gotta see this short video clip!

The Case For Christ
Remain unbiased in your examination of the evidence. Judge the evidence for yourself, acting as the lone juror in the case.

The Journey Video
Does God Exist? Is the Bible True? Who is Jesus? Randall Niles shares his spiritual journey from atheist to believer. This is a must-see short video clip. Stream it now!

Theory Of Evolution
Science has established many stages of evolution that would be required prior to any possibility of neo-Darwinian evolution.

Watch Design Video
Does William Paley’s classic comparison of an organic cell to watch design apply in today’s Intelligent Design debate? View this short video now!

What Are The Dead Sea Scrolls?
A phenomenal manuscript discovery establishing that the Old Testament we read today is substantially the same as 2,000 years ago.

What Do You Believe Video
What’s the difference between Real Belief and Sunday Morning Religion? Have you really asked this question lately? Only watch this short video if you dare!

What Is Faith?
Faith is not about turning off the brain and merely relying on the heart, or squashing reason in favor of emotion.

When Belief Becomes Faith Video
How does the Parable of a Tight Rope Walker illustrate the difference between belief and faith?

Who is Jesus Video
Why does the name Jesus Christ cause more division, agitation, and controversy than any other name? Is Jesus God? Watch this short video clip!

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