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Messianic Prophecies

Messianic Prophecies

Messianic prophecies comprise the collection of over 300 predictions in the Jewish Scriptures about the future Messiah (Savior) of the Jewish people and the world. These predictions were written by multiple authors, in numerous books, over approximately 1,000 years.

Although I was now viewing the Bible as a credible source, and I was stunned by some of the historical prophecies I examined in the Old Testament, I just couldn't get over the gap dividing the Old Testament predictions from the New Testament Jesus. It was just too convenient... Or maybe it was just too perfect... I had to check them out and test them for myself...

I started reading and collecting the actual scriptures. I laid out the Old Testament passages and searched for the corresponding New Testament texts. As my little notebook took shape, it was really powerful! The Messiah had to fulfill all of these -- not just some of them... The statistical odds started revealing themselves to me... I must say, I was totally baffled...
    Jesus said to them, "This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms."1
Here's a brief snapshot of a few Messianic prophecies I looked at during my notebook exercise...
  • He would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14 / Matthew 1:21-23; Luke 1:26-35)
  • He would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2 / Matthew 2:1; Luke 2:4-7)
  • He would be heralded by a messenger of the Lord (John the Baptist) (Isaiah 40:3-5; Malachi 3:1 / Matthew 3:1-3; 11:10; Mark 1:2-3; Luke 7:27)
  • He would perform miracles (Isaiah 35:5-6; Matthew 9:35, and throughout the gospels)
  • He would preach good news (Isaiah 61:1-2 / Luke 4:14-21)
  • He would first present himself as king 173,880 days from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25 / Matthew 21:4-9; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:29-38)
  • He would enter Jerusalem as king riding a donkey (Zechariah 9:9 / Matthew 21:4-9; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:29-38)
  • He would die a humiliating and painful death (Psalm 22; Isaiah 53 / Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19)
  • His hands and feet would be pierced (Psalm 22:16; / Crucifixion accounts of Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19)
  • His executioners would cast lots for his clothing (Psalm 22:18; John 19:23-24)
  • None of his bones would be broken in his execution (Psalm 34:20; John 19:32-36)
  • His side would be pierced (Zechariah 12:10; John 19:34-37)
  • He would die with the wicked and be buried in a rich man's tomb (Isaiah 53:9; Matthew 27:57-60)
Although some of the other predictions I looked at could be called "generalized," taken as a whole, these "Messianic prophecies were remarkable to me! I couldn't get over the odds of just one man fulfilling each and every one of these predictions! Even when I tossed out a few of the more "basic" ones, I was still absolutely stunned by the statistical impossibility.

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1 Luke 24:44 (NIV); emphasis mine.

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