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Introduction To The Bible

Introduction to the Bible

An introduction to the Bible: Reading the "Book" as an "Intellectual Exercise."

For me, the "Bible" was no different than the other ancient religious books -- a mere translation of an interpretation of an interpolation of an oral tradition -- and therefore, a book with no credibility or connection to the ancient manuscripts (if they even existed at all). Before this journey began, I had no interest in reading this "convoluted" mythology book. However, I was really enjoying my study of archaeology, and the archaeology books kept referring to the Bible as an historical and geographical resource. Therefore, I felt the need to at least read the Bible as an "intellectual exercise" to help connect the dots with respect to people, places and events mentioned in the other books I was reading...

Well, I was stunned!

No, really!

So many of us think we've read the Bible, but when it comes down to it, we really haven't. Of course, I remembered a few of the stories, and even memorized a couple of verses, but I hadn't actually read the perennial best seller cover to cover like a Michener novel. Well, I highly recommend it - if for no other reason than to read the most-widely published and distributed book of all time.

Simply, an introduction to the Bible required that I actually "read the Book."

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