My Worldview

My Worldview

My worldview was simple -- attorney and entrepreneur running on the gerbil wheel of life! I spent two decades focusing on personal achievement and material success. I studied business, finance and law at schools like Georgetown, Oxford, and Berkeley. I worked in glass-towered law firms and high-flying technology companies. To me, life was about self and success. Since completing high school biology and college philosophy, I could care less about "metaphysical" things. I was done with that phase of my life -- I wasn't even asking the basic questions any more: "Where did I come from?" "Why am I here?" or "Where am I going when I die?" It just didn't matter to me. . .

Based on my intellect and experience, I created my own worldview -- my own philosophy for living. Using standard cultural labels, I guess I was a "materialist", "naturalist", "relativist", "humanist", hedonist that had it pretty well together. Truly, I felt successful and happy. I didn't need a supernatural reason for anything. Metaphysical thought was for philosophers and theologians. "Religion" was OK for those who needed a crutch to limp through a difficult life -- as long as they didn't limp in my direction.

I based my daily conduct on a "social contract" view of the world -- it just made sense to treat others well, maintain ethics in business, and lovingly support my family. Those of us with resources and opportunities somehow had a social obligation to "give back" to our community. This was a rational view of the world, and I didn't need any kind of supernatural notion of "absolute truth" or morality to adhere to these common sense principles.

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